Choosing a New Career Path, or “What to Be When You Grow Up…Take 2!”

Okay, so you’ve had some jobs, maybe even a career. It’s not what you thought it would be? The market has killed your dream? Your life has changed significantly? For some reason or other you find yourself at a crossroads. The jukebox in my mind cues up the chorus from one of my favorite Indigo Girls‘ songs:

“Up on the watershed, staring at the fork in the road.

Indigo Girls at Park West in Chicago, Septembe...

Indigo Girls at Park West in Chicago, September 18, 2005. (left to right: Amy Ray and Emily Saliers) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You can stand there and agonize

Till your agony’s your heaviest load.

You’ll never fly as the crow flies,

Get used to a country mile.

When you’re learning to face the path at your pace,

Every choice is worth your while.”

I’m not one to squish other people’s dreams, but if you feel that your personal enrichment is the most important element in your decision to go back to school, I’m not the best blogger to follow. My decisions were based on financial improvement as well as being able to enjoy my work. I’m now a firm believer in prioritizing my goals to get where I want to go. My bachelor’s degree is in Theater Arts with a minor in Business Administration, if that tells you anything about how I used to prioritize my life. I’m that pleasure-seeking personality, rather than the pain avoiding kind. Now that I’ve been through a bankruptcy and the process of losing most of my material possessions and freedom of lifestyle, I’m seeing things in a different perspective. I’m still a lover of life and a dreamer of dreams…just one with a plan to succeed in keeping it all this time.

Soooo….how did I figure it out? The big question! What do I want TO BE? (because we all know that “not to be” is NOT an option!)

My choice was the result of a half brainstorming and half researching process:

  1. Can you build on something in which you already have skills, experience or education?
  2. What did you love or hate about previous jobs?
  3. What gives you joy? A sense of accomplishment? Would make you want to get up and go to work each day? (AND makes money?)
  4. What industries are experiencing growth now? Historically? Are predicted to continue to grow? Is there high turnover in those industries? Why?
  5. What is the employment rate of the graduates for the degree you are considering?
  6. Is the cost of the education worth it? Or will you be paying back student loans the rest of your life and STILL not be making any more money than you are now?

Here’s some of my scratching throughout my own process. Just start making lists of your likes and dislikes. What things would you change about your current job?

I added on as my research developed.  Later, the brainstorming page became the talking points for my sales pitch/discussion with my husband. 

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2 Responses to Choosing a New Career Path, or “What to Be When You Grow Up…Take 2!”

  1. juliaras says:

    I love your brainstorming sketch and am looking forward to hearing about your presentation to the family.

  2. lnmwonderfulworld says:

    I love your process and there is nothing wrong with making money a priority. It is a reality of life that we all need money to live and the more we have the better life can be.

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